Join the Workforce Revolution

Disabled? Yes. Talented? Oh yes. But are you hesitant to seek competitive employment for the following reasons: Asking or not knowing how to ask for accommodations? Disclosing your disability? Transportation? Attendant care needs? Losing your benefits? Do you fear that most employers won't support you? At IDP, we understand many of the challenges and barriers to employment, and we are spearheading a disabled-led Workforce Revolution. If you are disabled and want competitive employment, or if you are an ally or parent of a disabled person who would like competitive employment - join us.


IDP envisions a world where people with unseen disabilities no longer encounter barriers to personal relationships, education, community, healthcare, employment, technology, media representation, laws and policy.

- Invisible Disability Project


Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook is a free tool for jobseekers with disabilities. You may be entering the workforce for the first time, or perhaps you have worked in the past and are re-entering the workforce. This handbook is a set of safeguards and a tool for self-advocacy that prepares diverse jobseekers to enter the workforce, advance, and thrive.