What is IDP Campus?

Many schools would love to be a friendly and accessible places for students to learn and develop themselves. However, many schools lack the resources necessary to provide this. That is what IDP Campus provides.

Your Invisible Disability is part of who you are, but it is hard to find people who can understand. People will often discredit it or question it. For invisible disabilities, we lack the signs, language, and frameworks to talk about the existence of disabilities that are unseen every day throughout the country.

Provide an Online Student Community

Invisible Disability Project is building and hosting an affordable online support group. This community will be the first of its kind because we will employ experienced, trained facilitators who identify as disabled. You can be assured that your students will be sharing with others who genuinely understand what it means to have an invisible disability.

Our Facilitators Understand the Lived Experience.

When your students engage with one of our many support groups, they will be heard and receive support in the areas of your life that matter most.  Whether those areas are personal relationships, education, or the classroom, you will learn valuable skills and language to help you manage and navigate with personal agency and power.  Our goal is to create a safe place to meet, learn, and grow together. By participating in our online support group, you will no longer be invisible.

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