Flip the Script by Calling Out Ableism First

Invisible Disability Project designed a card specifically to call out ableism before we talk about diverse bodies and minds as an inconvenience to any given structure or relationship. The card does not engage the fantasies of normal. It engages offensive, discriminatory behavior directly by alerting an individual or group to the presence of ableist attitudes and behaviors.  And it goes like this:

“Dear Friend,
That thing you just did — that was ableism. 

I am sure you did not realize this when you made/laughed at/agreed with that ableist remark, or behaved in that ableist manner. Like racism, sexism, and elitism, ableism is a cultural bias that impacts disabled peoples’ everyday lives. For example, being called a “retard”, “lame”, or “crazy” is offensive to people like me and my friends. Instead, we need safe and accessible spaces in the absence of ableist assumptions for those with no seemingly obvious disability, like mobility, hearing, visual, or affective impairment or chronic illness. I can’t always alert or educate people about my non-visible disability. If I do, it is often considered malingering or controlling, so, instead, I distribute these calling cards to signal when ableist remarks/behaviors arise. 

If this card causes you discomfort, imagine how much your ableism is causing me discomfort.”

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How To Call Out Ableism on Your Terms

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We further understand the body as always changing, so disability and chronic illness may be unstable or periodic through one’s life.

- Invisible Disability Project



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