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Invisible disabilities provide us with an important reminder: Don’t be a jerk

May 22, 2019
”Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.’ Everyone says Plato said so, but no one really knows. It’s like 2,500-year-old gossip. Besides, “Says Plato,” is a lot catchier for our mugs and mini wall art than “Says Ian MacLaren,” or “Says John Watson.” Who are they and why do I care? To what degree do we follow “Plato’s” sage adage anyway?”

Visability93 | Activism

The original wheelchair symbol was designed by Danish designer Susanne Koefoed when she was a student in 1968.

October 20, 2018  
"The fact is, 93-95% of people with disabilities are not wheelchair users. So, the vast majority of those contending with less visible impairments also have to deal with a lack of understanding. Visability93 is in essence a crowdsource design competition, in partnership with Invisible Disability Project (based out of San Diego). Our intent is to encourage the design community to participate in the debate, to bring attention to the issues and hopefully prompt action.

Aerogramme Writers' Studio  |  Activism


January 17, 2018  
"Self-described as a socio-cultural movement aiming to combat stigma of invisible disabilities, the Invisible Disability Project raises awareness of the glorious and devastating experiences of diverse bodies, while challenging systemic forms of ableism."

Who Am I To Stop It  |  Activism

Normal Really Is a Fantasy

October 04, 2016  
"For others of us, fantasy means ... imaginary, not part of everyone’s reality, and therefore, not something that we should be expected to strive for."

Bloomberg BNA   |   Activism

Disabilities Advocates Spar Over Broad Trademark

August 12, 2016  
"The “invisible disabilities” case is different because it’s not the phrase that critics find offensive, but the fact a trademark was registered..."


EFF  |  Activism

No one owns invisible disabilities

October 04, 2016  
"One recent round of bullying over a trademark on “invisible disabilities” has shown how a bad trademark can even be used to threaten people’s right to assemble and express themselves online."

Rooted in Rights  |  Calling Card

IDP Is Making it Easier to Call out Ableism

September 28, 2016     
"Their solution? A printable card (available for download online) that explains ableism, and why the actions of the individual receiving the card might have been ableist."


Medium  |  Activism

I have an invisible disability. so sue me.

August 11, 2016
"Identities cannot be trademarked… it would be akin to trademarking Breast Cancer, or Blue Eyes or Black Male or Lesbian. These trademarks could, in theory, prevent people from owning their identities."

Daily Dot  |  Activism

Can you trademark an identity? The iDA thinks so

August 9, 2016
"The phrase “invisible disabilities” — which often describes an “unseen” range of conditions like lupus, Crohn’s disease, and bipolar disorder — was trademarked in 2013, and a new petition is calling for that to be undone."


Not Standing Still's Disease   |   Activism

An Update on The Invisible Disabilities Situation

August 12, 2016
"There is a big lesson in this for those of us looking to help others - intersectionality and not being ableist and exclusionary to those you're trying to 'help' with your services."

Who Am I To Stop It   |   This is Me

"This is Me" from Invisible Disability Project

June 16, 2016
"As a disabled woman in 2016, I appreciate a community engaged in dialogue about viewing invisible disability as being part of a person’s identity and politics, not just their medical status."


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